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1st day of not smoking at work done!!


Completed my first work day not smoking, only had 2 really bad cravings so far, which i dont think is bad given that 2 people in my office smoke and always make it very obvious when they are going out for a fag!!! Hopefully will be ok at home tonight, dont have a computer at home though so wont have the support of everyone on here, but going to do some exercise to try and keep my busy and also fit!! Will report back with my success (hopefully!!) tomorrow!!

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Hi Manolo welcome to the forum this is such a gr8t place to get support and advice well done on your first day , and keep the good work up .


Good job, manolo. Thats great!

Can you not print some stuff off from here and other sites to look back on for when you're at home? You never know, it may help give you that lil boost for the really bad times.

Hi Manolo'

I find exercise a great counterbalance to all the 'I'm giving up something' stuff.

It's great that you're doing something positive.

My experience is that it helps!

Good luck...keep on truckin'


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