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Week 3


....and I need a group hug!

We left Stranraer at 9.30am, to a cold but bright morning. We came to a complete standstill on the M77 where the snow was blowing a blizzard :eek:

As we inched our way forward, my wheels were spinning on the ice. I lost count of the number of vehicles crashed or abandoned. I was scared :o

Anyway, it occurred to me that "when I used to smoke", I would probably have gone through at least half a pack as we were stuck for 2 hours in those conditions. It really didn't help that hubby had to have a fag, as HE was feeling stressed! (I was driving!)

But I just took some deep breaths and refused to give in. Ol' Nick was putting up a good fight, but I just told him if I DID have a fag, would it help get me home safely any quicker?

The journey took 5 hours instead of the usual 3 - I feel sick and my head is pounding....but hey, I can take a deep breath without coughing and spluttering! :D

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aww well done hun, you handled that so well :)

glad your back safe , what a terrible journey.

hugs off me :D

Hugs off me too. What a horrendous journey. Hope you have fully recovered now:)

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