No Smoking Day

Nearly four years on

Hello all and just joined the forum, this is my first message. I was a 20 a day confirmed smoker and smoked for 46 years before kicking it into touch nearly four years ago.:D

I am still so chuffed and excited with myself and put my sucessful quit down to Allen Carr and his easy way to quit book. It changed my mindset and I suddenly realised what a complete waste of time smoking was, how it was killing me and just what it was costing:(

I just stopped smoking and instead of looking at smoking as something nice, a little friend, a little crutch I saw it as a deadly enemy, out to kill me.

Each defeated quit I saw as a nail in that nicodemon and each defeated quit I hailed as a victory.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed the quit progress and my feeling of satisfaction and euphoria hasn'l slackened.:D

Good to be free from Nicotine?

You bet it is.:D


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Well done. Smoking is well and truly part of the past for you now.

Perhaps you should have put this in the 1 year+ section, pretty scarce on threads in there!


Sorry Supervillain, I thought I was!:D Wasn't until I looked for it that I saw it had gone in the wrong section. Ah! Well! back to the drawing board. Soon get the hang of it.

Cheers, Froggie


Since my quit I have posted on under the name of Malcolm. The site has got quieter and quieter and now is virtually dormant.

I have been looking around for another forum to contribute to. I decided to pop onto this site and see what goes. It's very similar to the Ivequit site.

My reason? I'm still ecstatic with my own quit, even after nearly four years and just want to help others to be able to enjoy their life smoke free.

It's so good to be free from adiction, so very good.

Cheers, Froggie:D:D


Welcome, Froggie!!

Good to hear from sum1 who's bin happily quit 4 so long and has such words of encouragement. :)


4 yrs fantastic!!

Wow! I can only imagine right now how that will be??? 4 is my favorite number so when i get there 3 yrs and 7 months from now i will have a huge celebration!!! Absolutely FANTASTIC!!:D


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