No Smoking Day

Day 4 and on the mend. I think!

Having binned the Zyban last night, after my horendous bout of side affects, I woke this morning feeling a bit better. Not feeling quite so down and feeling I could get on with things.

It hasn't been a bad day, still feeling rather shakey, and a bit anxious, but its barable. The good news is, I still haven't had any desire to smoke at all. As this was the first thing I noticed with Zyban, hopefully it will be the last thing to wear off.

Well done to eveyone else who's made it this far and hopefully I'll see you all in "Week 2".:)

3 Replies

Well done Fly and we will see you in Week 2;)


thats good news , stick with it :)

glad your ok


Put a post in after 7 days and will be putting one in week 2 soon. You'll be pleased to know everythings seems OK.


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