Good Afternoon

I'm into my 2nd week (again) and still feeling strong. I came on yesterday and read some posts but I didnt reply to much (wasnt in the mood)

Since ive quit, Ive got my taste buds back and now i want to try allosrts of new things ;)

Ive not been much of a cook in the past but Ive found focusing on food is helping me. I am not dieting but I am careful about what I do eat. Ive been doing a bit of exercise and lost half a stone. But I must say, with everything that ive done this year I feel loads better and look loads better for it all. I am actually starting to care about 'me'.

I went to the quit smoking shop yesterday for my NRT stuff, it was very busy yesterday and I went to talk to the councillor and I felt a bit 'rushed'. I got the impression he was disgusted with me for having a cig then trying again to quit so soon after. I would have been quit for 41 days had I not caved in and had one. But I had spoken about it the week before, I still feel like I am being punished by them or maybe they think I am wasting money by trying. BUT I could have smoked the other 9 in the pack, i didnt have to stick them in water and destroy them, i could have hid them for another time.

or maybe he was just having a busy day and maybe I am a bit sensitive, I like to see the good in everyone.

Oh well, here's to another smoke free week

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  • Well done yoyoyo, and good luck with the quit.

    Please don't be sensitive to anyones views on your quit, lifestyle, manerisms -most people are just suppressing some internal weakness or inadequacies when they try to make others feel bad, and at this time when you have left behind your crutch you may feel sensitive to this.

    In short, its not you it's them!!!!

    Stay strong.


  • Yoyoyo no wonder you weren't in the mood yetserday if they made you feel that way at the stop shmowking shop (brilliant name - what the hell is it??!). Rude, horrible people. Stuff 'em, you're doing brilliantly on ya own, you don't need their approval, just their NRT!! Use 'em!!! You sound full of beans today and that's what counts!! Big up yourself! :D

    Wish I had my taste buds back.. none of that seems to be happening to me yet! Patience....! I've been surfing the net like mad and going to the gym a lot to fill all this time I now have!! It's s double feel good factor to be stoping smoking and getting fit (and losing weight! - that's a triple!) all at once!! :D

    Keep strong! :D

  • It's a shame you got those reactions.

    I think you did really well to have just one.

    When I 'slip' I always feel I have to finish the pack...which is madness!

    You're doing really well!


  • I think you did really well to have just one.

    When I 'slip' I always feel I have to finish the pack...which is madness!

    You're doing really well!


    Finger crossed I haven't had a slip yet (excluding the slip of not sticking to my quit date....:o))

    However if I were ever to slip I would be just like you Bill - It wouldn't stop at one or two - it would be the full pack (at least!!!)

    You're doing great Yoyo ;)

  • I agree yoyoyo

    With Bill & Cword You are very strong for just having the one. I know for sure if i had one that would be it. You show them my girl. linda xxxx

  • Hi yoyoyo

    Do not take any comments from some advisors too personally (easier said than done when you feel vulnerable...) I have a particular one who just patronises me and makes me want to smoke badly when I leave the clinic...She has no empathy and no personal addiction experience. She seems to get off on torturing me by making me holding my breath for longer than is necessary to blow in the CO2 machine...Seriously she is awful...

    As all the other said, ignore the bad behaviour xx

  • Yoyoyo

    You've done so well to quit and lose weight, your an inspiration.

    Well done, keep up the good work.

    Cess xxx

  • Thanks guys and gals ....

    I'm not bothered anymore, I need the patches and lozenges for a little bit longer then I will be both smoke free, NRT free and free of the quit shop! and my sheer stubborness will make me go back just to annoy them a little bit more :D :D :D

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