On day 6 don't know how long it will last though.

Little one 2 1/2,has swallowed an unknown amount of liquid paracetamol, have to take her back up to A and E at 12.45 to get her bloods done.

Seems ok, maybe a little drowsy, or could I just be seeing things that aren't really there.

Worried sick and wracked with guilt.

Will let you all know later.

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  • Stick with it annasmummy, your little one will be fine, and for certain you having a ciggy wont turn the clock back.

    YOU CAN DO IT. ;)

  • She'll be fine x x x x stay strong for her x x x x x

    My eldest drank an unknown amout of night nurse when he was little!!

    Very frightening! he stayed in over night and

    woke up fresh as a daisy in the morning!

    Let us know how she gets on, accidents happen x x x x

    No need for a smoke! She'll not appreciate that ;)

  • My grandma never smoked and used to pull me up on the smell of the buggy when we'd visit :o

    It is a real guilt trip :o

    I can smell a smoker a mile off now !! everything associated smells, kids, cars, bags, letters, cards etc etc

  • Hey guys - just to let you all know Anna is absolutely fine.

    Still fag free - been hard but still with ya - one whole week tomorow!

  • Well done x x x x x

    And I am so pleased to hear she's fine, expected as much though x x it's scary when these things happen and I think you went through it!! well done for keeping smoke free x x x x x

    After that you must realise how much you are capable of without needing to smoke ;)


    Sleep well x x

  • Aww bwhat a awful time for you both

    Glad she is ok

    and well done to you for staying doubley strong

    sounds like you both deserve a BIG treat

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