No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Hi everyone

hope you all getting on ok, i have had a realy good week i have felt great and no bad cravings.Today i have stepped down to a lower dosage of patch 14 mg. I am now on step 2 hopefully this is the correct thing to do i have felt fine all day with the lower patch.

onwards and upwards


I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 5 Days, 9 hours, 41 minutes and 16 seconds (19 days). I have saved £131.84 by not smoking 582 cigarettes. My Quit Date: 20/01/2008 08:00

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hiya Dave, your doing great :)

jude xx


thanks jude how are you getting on


very bad day yesterday but feeling good and positive today :)

we will be moving up again soon , another step up :D


Nice to hear you are feeling better today we move up this weekend to a month wow we are doing great.:D


Dave ,

Congrats on getting this far,youve done great !!!

Keep on keepin on, Lisa x:)


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