I got a certificate


Sorry i haven't posted recently but i have been reading the forum fairly regular.I went to my smoking cessation clinic last Wednesday and was told i dont need to go anymore as my 3 months was up and they give me a certificate of achievment for being a non smoker :)

Its 100 days tomorrow for me smoke free.

It does get easier the longer you resist so all you newbies good luck stick with it if i can do it anyone can honestly,good luck.

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  • From a newbie to an oldie (;)) Well done mate - thats such an achievment.

    Hope I can make it that far!

  • 100 days Micheal very well done. xxxxxxxx

  • Nice one, I quit the day before you, Nice to know we are now classed as ex/non smokers


  • Congratulations :)

    (who else is now a bit jealous and wants a certificate?!)

  • :eek: WOOOOPIE MICHAEL im soooo proud of you me little Poolie....:D... me n H Angus send our congrats mate...xxx

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