No Smoking Day

Nightmare Of A Day~!

I have to vent - yesterday my wallet was stolen while shopping. I am supposed to leave for vacation on Tuesday and have no NYS driving license with photo, no passport, no credit card...NADA. I went back to look for my wallet and did not find it. Went today to get an interim license but I am terrified that I wont be able to board the plane. I called the airport in New York City and they said a birth certificate and interim license will work...yikes!! I sure as hell hope so...New York security is very tight and hard to deal with. I wanted to smoke soooo badly yesterday I almost broke down....drank 4 glasses of wine instead. I also lost a lot of money that I had in my wallet - about $450.00 which was going to be used to pay my rent..thanks for listening...


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hunnie you're doing so well!!!! and i thought i was stressed!!! i too am having a bad day(see elvis once said LOL :D), but nothing compared to yours!!!

keep at it hunnie i think from looking at the forum it is a bad day for everybody today so get through today, stick with us (cos we're all in it togther) and you will be fine!!!!

remember not to fall for the mind games!!!!! that nic is a asshole!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

big hugs hunnie. x x x x:) x x


Thanks EL..

You are so sweet for posting this message - it makes me feel much better..


aww hun, and i thought i was feeling rough!!

keep chanting "no cigs, no cigs"

ive been doing it all day!

jude x



You guys/gals are amazing!! Thank you so much for your support - things are looking a bit better now as I found out I can board the airplane with birth certificate and temp driving license...phew!! Close call...


glad you got things sorted , hope today is better for us all



Oh poor you. Its bad enough thinking you havent the right documents in a airport these days, you lost money aswell. all i can say is i hope the person who stole your wallet cant go dump till we say he can HA! then can only have our brand of..........



So sorry about your wallet these people will have no luck. Hope you have a great time and come back smoke free enjoy! Linda xxxxxxxxxx


Oh my!! that is so awfuly unlucky I am so sorry x x x x x

Glad it hasn't stopped the holiday though x x x x well done for staying strong, wine works wonders ;)

Can't change the past just the future x x x

I know thats little compensation right now but it's all I can say x x x

B'stards :mad:


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