No Smoking Day

Hello all :)

Im still here :)

I must have amazing mental fortitude to stay off the fags and stay positive!

i got knocked off my bike last night on the way home by a driver who didnt even stop to see if i was ok! he/she was gone before i hit the floor!

didn't do too much damage thankfully, bent the forks a bit, wrecked the side panel and front fairing, smashed an indicator lens, and i got a nasty bruise on my shoulder and thigh (would have been worse if i wasn't wearing the armored clobber!)

all that, and i still haven't had a cigarette :)

Hope your all ok? apart from a few sore joints im still not craving (except food!)

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Aw Jimi *hugs* glad your ok.

I cant beleive they just drove offf:mad: There are some not-very-nice people in this world! Did you manage to get there number or anything?

And really well done for not having a fag in such a stressful situation x


Hey thanks sharkbait

I couldn't get the number, i didn't even see it coming as whoever it was was overtaking another car on a bend and was already committed to cutting the corner (due to their speed) and i literally didn't see the car coming because of the bend, all i know is that the car was silver :[

Im just glad that im still here with my health! a few bruises and a couple of grazes, the bikes gonna be ok, but i was going to part exchange it in the summer it just means i lose of couple of hundred quid on it :|

ah well, like i said it could have been a lot worse, another half a foot over to the right and i would have collided head on with their car..


Glad you're ok, that must have been an awful shock.

What a t*sser for just driving off :mad:


Yeah could of been much worse!! thats whats frightening! :eek:

Well done for staying strong, it must have been a real shake up for you x x

Did you report it? there may be a CCTV somewhere to help identify the car?

If not by the accident, shortley before it further down the road or something?

*hugs* Jimi x x


No, nothing in the way of CCTV you see, the area i was going through (out of three possible ways home) was only a shade quicker, but it's the kind of area that not even the police will drive through, in fact earlier last year when i had engine trouble with the bike (turns out the carbs were icing) i avoided that part of town because had i broken down there i would be lucky to have escaped with my shoelaces!

i did a quick check, but there was nothing in the way of any kind of camera, just a bunch of hoodies slowly making their way up the road :[

thank you all for your kind messages your making it all so much easier!

*hugs to you all*


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