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Day 1 again :)

Hi there, im new to these forums... just to say this is my second serious give up time. i gave up in Dec for 2 weeks but had a blip.

i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice... i dont seem to have cravings as much but its what to do with my hands and also last time i felt VERY sad most of the time, can anyone tell me why this is? as im normally a happy chatty person but i just went quiet, sad and wanted to cry all the time :S

anyways like i said this is attempt number 2 and i WILL do it this time :) so hello to the new people (like me) on the forums and also to the people that have been on here a little while :)

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Welcome hon + congrats on deciding to beat the habit!!!

I don't know if this will help you but i cut up fingernail sized pieces of fruit + veg (like peppers, carrots, celery, apples etc) + put them in a lunch box + take them everywhere with me. i eat a piece every 15 mins. gives you something to do with your hands + helps with your appitite + you don't put on weight, plus you are getting your 5 a day!

I have been feeling like i want to cry all the time but i thought that was just my hormones - that will ease of honey - it's a very hard thing you're doing, giving up!

good luck - you can do it babe!!!!! stick with us - we are all like a little family!!!!! :D


Hi erbyfish and a big welcome to the forum! I think we go through all kinds of weird emotions when we give up.. I know I did and sometimes still do. Depending on how long you were a victim of the drug, I guess you might get a variety of strange feelings and reactions. Feeling down or sad is one of them. I think the best way to deal with that is first of all to recognise it and the fact that it's ok and normal, secondly can you try to surplant the negative thoughts which cause the sadness with something personal and positive? A mental image of someone - a scene from a great holiday.. something to get you smiling, even slightly!

above all you must remember the reasons that you are quitting and keep them close to you, they will help you to beat the cravings. And so will we if you keep talking to the great people on here! Good luck and keep strong.:)


I can relate ...

I felt the same way when I tried to quit cold turkey - I felt a wave of sadness. I thought of this sadness as a kind of mourning for an old habit and everything associated with it. We are giving up something we became so accustomed to that unless we fill that void with something healthy, the hole is still there waiting to be filled. I am no expert, this is just my own experience. I couldnt do it by myself so I am taking Chantix now. It seems this drug takes away that "hollow" feeling that I had before. You are not alone, get out and breath..excercise..fill the void..GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!


Hi erbyfish, congrats for deciding to quit, and

You say you gave in after 2 weeks smoke free - I reckon it was still too early for you to benefit from the quit but please hold on this time, it does get easier around week 3 and what you were experiencing as far as sadness and being depressed is just NORMAL, trust me it's like absolutely, totally normal. It's exactly like SMOKESIGNAL said, quitting is like mourning the loss of a friend, at least at the very beginning, I did cry a lot too during the first days and I was afraid I had lost myself and I was never going to be the same person :rolleyes: - But omg now I am a much happier person! actually much more that I could dream of - even during a bad day, the day is still better than an old-style (= smoke clogged!) bad day because I always have something to be proud of - I can handle situations better, I seek peace and am less aggressive, and all because I'm a non smoker :D

Hang in there it really is worth the sacrifice of the first days :)


hey again, thanks to all who replied, seeing your messages have helped alot, your all lovely hehe :) i did put the sad and hollow feeling down to hormones or just having a bad few days but then realised by reading up and seeing your comments that it is a 'side effect' if you will of stopping smoking. i had been smoking for 8 years. last time i 'gave up' i didnt use anything so i dont think that method was right for me, ive gotten some patches for this time and although i know the craving is there they seem to take the edge off a bit better :) sorry for writing an essay but i just wanted to say thanks for your support even though im 'brand new' to these forums, and i hope to get to know people better. :)


hiya, just wanted to say welcome and well done on quitting! :)

to keep myself busy i cleaned! its boring but it works for me!

jude xx



Try to cut up carrots or buy little one's. Celery works too....:):):)


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