No Smoking Day

Day 15

Well I am just starting my Week 3 and feel ok. Headaches and cold symptoms seem to be going now which is a relief as they were starting to get me down.

Went on a bit of a drinking session with my mates, some who smoke, and i really was not interested in smoking. My hangovers seem to be a lot better too!

Disturberd sleep seems to still be happening. Woke up a few times last night, and a few weird dreams. Hopefully this will stop happening and I can get a decent nights kip and feel awake in the mornin!!!

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Knight-youre doin great,

Well done for not havin a fag down the pub!!

Keep on keepin on:):)

Lisa xx


:D well done :D


Thanks everyone. I am actually starting to believe i can do this. Great to be able to write how i am feeling on here!

Also given up smoking is making me cook and eat healthier as I can actually now taste my food!!



I have noticed that about food too.

I am watching what I eat as I dont want to put on too much weight, its not important if i do ... i do

But I am enjoying food now


Yeah, well done KnightM... Im also starting my third week. I seem to have my taste back too- unfortunately I now realise I'm a terrible cook and everything I used to love tastes terrible grrr lol


goodness that is good that you weren't bothered, my worst hurdle is when i'm drinking!!!!! well done hunnie!!! x x x x :D



One thing I am really struggling with is the sleep. On day 16 today and last night was one of the worst nights sleep yet. Bizarre dreams and waking up around 4 or 5 times and struggling to nod back off. I was absolutley shattered yesterday evening too.

Its a pain as I am really busy at work and being tired is not helpful!! Still got the cough too but its not as painful, just still brining stuff up.

Ah the pleasures of being a non smoker :)


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