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day 8


hello all.. found this forum via google..

Anyways, i'm starting day 8 today.. it's kind of wierd i've had no cravings or desire to smoke (i was a 1 pack a day smoker for about 9 years, and quit cold turkey)... But i've had continuous headaches since maybe day 3, and nosebleeds the past 3 days (my house is a little dry)

any insight on when the headaches will go away?

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welcome on board Kris x x

Is all normal and temporary, hard to pin point the duration but it's not long.

x x

Hi kris and welcome well done on your quit you are doing great and im sure your headaches and nose bleads will go soon .

Thanks for the support! I guess i should get used to everyone in this forum, if we're going to be together for the rest of our lives as we move week to week :P

The nose bleeding problem has gone away this morning it seems. I don't know if it's from the new humidifier, or if i took the doctors advise & kept my finger out of the nose.

Eitherway, i'm feeling great today.. I've felt better these past 8 days than i have the past 9 years :D

i would imagine the humidifier would help x

Plenty of room here ;) we'll budge up and enjoy your company.

The more the merrier :D

day 8

Hi kris & welcome. i'm on day 8 as well & so is Lorraine who's on here. i still get the headaches but mainly just feeling tired all the time. we're all pretty mad on here!!! which does help. its the place to have a laugh or moan. it'll soon be day 9. see ya again soon

Am i the only one here who finds it easier to adapt if i'm around the smoke still? All but 1 of my friends smoke, and 90% of my co workers smoke.. instead of avoiding them, i go out with them for the smoke breaks.. I figure the sooner i say no to them, the better I am..

Am i alone on this? And any other canadians on here?

I like that appraoch chris,

Like avoiding alcohol, i kept on with it, so as i didn't loose that too!! :eek:

I still get a bloody nose if am around a smokey atmosphere!

Hey Kris and welcome to the forum!! It must be the Canadian way lol. My hubby smokes in the house and I found that I was always around smokers even in my first few days. I felt the same as you about turning it down sooner than later. I AM CANADIAN ;) I never stopped drinking occassionally and I never stopped being around the smoke and here I am - 167 days in and going strong. Everyone is different - do whatever works for you!!

New boy Here

Hello all! My first post here - so be nice!!:o

I’m on day 8 at the moment (thanks to Champix). Saved £72.75 so far and not put 323 fags into my body.

I would like to say it’s been a real struggle, but the fact is (so far) it hasn’t. I must be really lucky or Champix is a REAL wonder drug. Last night was the first time I felt a bit edgy and doubted that I can really do this thing. However this morning is here, I still haven’t fallen off the wagon and in three days I will have an extra £100 I wouldn’t have had otherwise.At this rate I’ll soon be able to afford a Coke habit!!! (JOKE!)

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