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Its definately weekends that i crack on!


I havent cracked and i wont but i have realised that at weekends when my OH is at home i sit about for the majority of the day doing nothing. Whereas during the week i have to take and pick him up from work, do the school run for the kids, all the usual stuff but it keeps me busy and my mind of the fags.

I have had some really nasty cravings today and last night :eek: but i havent cracked so im really pleased with myself for that.

I did get really aggitated this evening so i just said i was popping out for a drive and thats exactly what i did, cause driving calms me down :D

I know it sounds silly but i feel like ve really achieved something this weekend and i know its not over yet, but my last 2 times i cracked was both on a saturday morning :D


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Hi Sara, Ramble on if it makes you feel better. You should read some of the waffle i've put on here!! well, you should be proud of yourself. Dont give in cos you dont wanna have to start back at day 1 again!

I get that totaly sara x x x

It is more diddley boredem than stress. when the week is task filled its from one thing to the next.

weeks is more like *whistle ho hum* and it is hard.

I do crafts to fill those times now x x

Well done for staying strong x x

Can you not sort yourself out with some hoovering, washing, ironing and cooking for the weekend :confused:

Maybe wash the car too :confused:

All keeps you busy there :)


I do do all the cooking and cleaning but its being in the house that gets me.

And ive just finished washing the car so nah nah :p

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