No Smoking Day

Start of week 3

My first day of week 3,for the first couple of days of the quit i thought this day seemed so far away i just wanted time to fly,for all of you out there on the start of your quit it does get easier it may not seem like it will but i promise you it does,i have not had any strong cravings for the last few days i just need to work on the habit side of things now as in i used to smoke after i got out of the car or after a meal,these thoughts will get weaker and weaker as each passing day,

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Hi Phil. It feels good dont it when it starts to get easier. Your doing great and do you think this forum helps too?

I have found the habit goes really quickly and the cravings dont last long now.


I also dont want to let any of you down.:rolleyes:

Or let any of the quitters that quitted after me catch me up. I am chasing Whiteboy but he is still 2 days in front;)


Hello Phil,

week 3 - good going! :)

Pleased to hear it's getting easier, those habits will be a thing of the past soon enough.


yay way to go Phil!!

I am glad that you are pushing through and it hasn't quashed your GREAT! sense of humour :D

It is great to have a bunch of friends to compare, moan laugh and cry with x x x

Rock on and stay strong

~Buffy x x


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