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Day 11!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Hey all. my name is Esther and i stopped smoking 11 days ago. The thing is, i was fine right up until last night when my computer stated playing up and because it stressed me out so much, I started to really need a cig. The craving lasted about 4 hours though!!!!!! i even looked round the house for some of my fiance's tobacco!!! i did find some but i didn't have one only because i thought of how disapointed i would be if i did! I can't understand after not getting cravings hardly at all (at least if I did they were managable), I struggled so much last night! it doesn't really make me feel very confident.

I am getting married next year though and i refuse to be a "smkoking bride". i don't think it would look good at all, me in my gorgeous white dress with a fag in my hand, hiding round the side of the church!!!!!

Well glad i found this site and good luck to everybody - here's the kicking the habit!!!!!! x x x

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Hello Esther welcome to the forum. stick with us and you will be a beautiful bride. fresh skin white teeth and smelling wonderful. Good Luck xxx :D


Hi Esther

Welcome left you a post on the stopping thead. Linda xxxxxx



I also find myself craving alot when something stressful happens. I actually feel like a rush of blood to my head at the time of stress and start wanting a cig to stop it hurting.

I have been told to breathe deep at those times, but dont find that helps much. I do find a coffee helps quite alot though.

Coffee also has some kind of dopamine effect same as cigs do I think (dont hold me to it, I am not an expert), which is I think also what makes you feel better when having a ciggie at stress times. So you can get a bit of the dopamine effect from a nice hot mug of coffee too. Probably tea too, as it is the caffeine that stimulates the dopamine.

If it is something very stressful I find a small drop of brandy in the coffee also seems to have a good effect. But I save that one for emergencies.


i know what you mean about the rush of blood to your head!!! i got that last night - my head felt really fuzzy + tight + then i called my fiance + shouted at him!!!!!!

Also tea + coffee does totally help me but they say on advice websites to abstain from drinking tea + coffee whilst trying to quit as you might associate it with a cig. but, i figure, if you're stopping anyway (+ its not like you have forgotten!!!) then you should try anything that helps!!!!!

I've just been to the supermarket + bought a load of fruit + veg so i'm munching on that at the mo!!!!

good luck honey - we can do it!!!! x x


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