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Thank You

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me direct with their support.

I cant come back for all the reasons you see on different postings today and i wish everyone good luck on their important mission.

It's such a shame that a couple of losers can spoil such an important event for most of us. My bet is they are or were:

1 Bullied at school.

2 Divorced or seperated.

3 Unemployed.

Anyway good luck to most


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Oh Gary please stay :( nothing they say can harm you anyway, not really and the rest of us are here for you and each other, don't quit before the miracle! :)


It would be a shame if you left at this point gary, I hope you come back when youve cooled down a bit, if not then good luck on your journey, Im sure youll have a successful quit.



Respect for other members

People have different way of receiving support with their quit attempts. Some like it with a joke, a positive comment while others just want a silence nod. We would be grateful if forum members can refrain from making personal comments about other forum members because we will delete your thread!

This forum is there for all smokers and all quit attempts. Please respect each other's opinions. :)


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