No Smoking Day

80 days

I feel like Phileas Fogg :)

I started out back in October by going to my local smoking cessation clinic and went on the micro tabs,i stopped taking the micro tabs two days ago so from now on in its cold turkey.

I found the 1st week the hardest and the slowest but the more days/weeks/months you do the quicker they seem to pass its the same with the cravings they seem much more spaced out and much less prolonged.

I set myself little targets like now, i will be trying for 3 months then 100 days nothing huge but something you can reach fairly soon then just set new targets/goals.

Was at my local Asda this evening and this young lad asked me for a light and i replied sorry i dont smoke,how good did that feel 1st time iv'e been able to say it.

Anyway thanks to the regulars on this board for helping me through this far you know who you are,the ones on before me.As for the newbies stick with it you can do it if i have anyone can and it feels so much better.

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Well done me old son. im just ahead of you Michael it was three calander months for me yesterday. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPI us poolies are the best what what ! xxx :D


Hi Dossydo congrats on passing the 3 month mark :)

I've just got back from watching that rubbish football team of ours,good job i dont smoke or i would have gone through 20+ easy lol


hi Michael just got in from the town, all the door men where expecting trouble, but it was all as usual down church st, mind you im home and it is fri nite ....... what what, sorry im a bit squiffy aaaaaaaahhhh!


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