No Smoking Day

10 months

Hi Everyone.

Just to let you know i`m 45 weeks smoke free.

I thought i better post because i know how hard it is to stop smoking especially in the first few weeks.

I now hate the smell and all the other stuff that comes with smoking.

To think i wasted thousands of pounds on this addiction.

Just to say to the people on the early stages of there quit hang in there.

Soon the months will fly past and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Just like me :)

Take care all


quit 8 march 07

4 Replies

Well done Andy

Do you think about it much now. Your doing fab almost a year linda xxxx


To be honest not much now.

Once a week if that.

I was thinking just before Christmas what it would be like to be smoke free over the festive period, would it be a challenge.

no challenge at all.

Christmas past just like any other year.



Wow Andy :) I just love posts like yours they ooze so much positive energy to keep me going for a very long time :)

Thanks, and you take care too!


yes a hughe thankyou for poping back Andy, it gives us all so far behind you so much hope. so many come and many dissapear leaving us wondering if they just dont need us or has nic got them back in his evil grasp. So thankyou again, Good Luck mate xxx:D


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