11 days

Hi there everybody

Not been on here scince day 3 or 4, Been in hospital for hip op and thank god god i packed in when when i did, Has it made the whole experiance alot less stress full having my patches on and that, The first two days being a smoker would of been terible has i was hooked up to a couple of machines which made smoking imposible,

I was on a hip and knee replacment ward, And i was really suprised how few smoked, Of about 23 there was 1 person who smoked and me who was packing in,

Any way its good to be home and still smoke free, What a diference 11 days can make to your chest and coughing,

Keep it up everybody Regards Andy

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  • Well done Andy

    Hope you get better real soon. Linda xxxxxxx

  • Well done Andy on getting to day 11. I'm right here with ya ;)

  • well done Andy

    On day 11 also

  • Well done Andy - get well soon!:)

  • Brand new bionic Andy now eh? there will be no stopping you now mate. Take care and keep up the good work xxx :D

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