No Smoking Day

Day 15

Hi All,

Blimey, day 15 and here I am, one thing that I find staggering is simply how much optimism is running through my veins at the moment, walking along everything seems alright with the world, I have so much energy, and my lungs just seem to be functioning so much better. Most of all I don't seem to be worrying about anything at all, mind and body so clear of that evilness! Its right when people say that you look at somkers and think 'I can't believe I used to do that'.

Just to re-iterate this is probably about my 12th serious attempt, and this is the most confident I have ever been, it does get easier everytime becuase we are programmed to learn from our mistakes so each attempt you make you should be building up an understanding of your triggers and addiction makeup.

Got very drunk on sat night on red wine, which I did purposefully as a test, even lost horribly at trivial pursuit and still DID NOT SMOKE. This is a new chapter in my life I swear!

To all in week 3 and everyone else, I hope I have provided you with some encouragement as many of you, have me.


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Hi king bee,

wow youve done really well:) I just needed to read a post like yours about you feeling so much better and confident because thats inspiration for people like me stuck at day 7!!

Keep up the good work and heres to the next chapter.

Love Lisa xx


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