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I had my last cigarette at 11.50pm on New Year's Eve. I've gone cold turkey cause I only used to smoke about 5 a day so thought if I went down the nicotine replacement route I'd probably end up getting more nicotine than I'm used to anyway. It's amazing how hard even a 5 a day habit is to break though (although admittedly it was more like 20 a day if I went to the pub!). I'm doing ok so far though. Just don't ask me what number attempt this is because I really don't know myself any more!

I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now but only just got around to registering so I'm joining you in week 3. I thought I'd say hello anyway. Seems there are a lot of genuinely supportive people on here. Good luck to everyone!

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welcome aboard SS hope you dont mind me abriveating your name mate, Its a long one HE HE! Ive made you sound like some nasty German cult. anyhow stay with us you will soon get to know us. Ha! :D and if your like me, rely on this forum to get me through some very sticky patches. Good Luck xxx :)


Thanks DossyDo! You can abbreviate my name to whatever you like, I don't mind!

Actually I've just realised that I've skipped into week three a day early. I obviously wasn't awake this morning! Oops!


Well now you'll have to stick with it today as you've already claimed your week 3 room! Congrats on getting this far. It's not easier just because you smoke less, the addiction is still there and it still takes hard work to break it so well done on getting this far. Hopefully it should be feeling a bit easier for you now?


Hi super and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your decision, and you're already approaching the 3 week marker.. Brilliant. Well done and keep strong


Thanks guys! Like hbav says I'll have to make it to three weeks now I've started posting in week 3 a day early!

I'm doing ok so far actually. I had a few moments over the weekend where I felt like I wanted one but managed to keep myself busy so I was able to ignore it.


Well done S. Sheep and welcome ..... keep going. There are a fair number here who quit on new year/new year eve to keep you company :)


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