Day 4 & Things Smell Funny

I dont know if it is in my mind, but I just walked to Waitrose and kept catching whiffs of nice things, flowers and grass and things, it was quite weird but nice. I did read that sense of smell gets better when you quit and I am on day 4 so maybe that is it. If it is then it is a real bonus, I was really liking all the smells and it makes it easier for me quitting when I have some benefit from it.

The first 2 days the hardest so far I nearly slipped but my hairdresser actually saved me. I am going all out at the moment for change, and that includes my look, I went to hairdresser to go blonde from quite dark brown. It is all part of my new changed life as a non smoker ( I got new curtains in my living room too), anyway, she couldnt dye my hair blonde on Friday because it needed to be in better condition first, for which I would need 8 weekly treatments, costing £15 per week, then I can go blonde.

I would never normally even consider spending £15 per week in the hairdressers, but I just thought to myself, OMG actually I usually spend that easily in a couple of days on ciggies and as I was on day 2 of my quit that day, I thought hey why not.

Actually I was struggling to convince myself not to smoke, and the promise of having my hair treated, cut and blow dried weekly, was pretty motivating to stop me reaching for a ciggie. I knew I could not afford both.

So I think I am definitely safe from smoking at least for the next 8 weeks, saved by my hairdressers exhorbitant rates and my own vanity.

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  • Hi chandri,

    yes ive noticed that too,im on day 6 and my sense of smell has got much stronger but that can only be a good thing!!

    As for the hairdressers,youve done the right thing-to set yourself some goals is a great thing to do and you will feel great when you can finally do it!!

    Keep on keepin on:) Lisa xxxxxx

  • Hi Clare

    I think the hairdresses is a fab idear you will have to post a before & after photo for us to see. You go girl good for you linda xxxxxxxxx

  • You just wait ...

    As time goes by your sense of smell will improve still further and you will sample new delights daily , so will your sense of taste imptove too. I prefer the smells (not all of them mind) I'm surprised at how many things taste salty, and many taste far too salty for me which I never noticed as a smoker.

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