No Smoking Day

first day

my quit day has arrived.i got up this morning put on a patch and got on as be honest i havent thought much about smoking only once today did i think i'll have a coffee and a cig.then i thought hang on i dont anymore so thought no more about it.trying to keep my mind occupied so as i dont think about smoking as much but on the whole so far so good.:D


karen - Free and Healing for 4 Hours and 23 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy , by avoiding the use of 4 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £0.90.

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Well done Kjay! What a great start to the day and your new life as a non-smoker and to the forum!

Hope your quit continues to go so well:)


Hi Kjay

I think sometimes the thought of doing it is worse than the actual doing it but you've done it, you've taken the first steps to being a non smoker

Well Done You!

Angela xx

My Quit Date: 01/01/2008

I have been quit for 1 Week, 1 Day, 13 hours, 29 minutes and 42 seconds

I have saved £50.29 by not smoking 214 cigarettes.

I have saved 17 hours and 50 minutes of my life.


hello goodaftrnoon and welcome kjay. great forum, all berty bonkers in here , but second to none for their support of eachother, your on a winner Yeeeeeeees ! :D


thanx to everyone for the welcome its good to know people care enough to help and support you.sites like this are a godsend to me as i couldnt do it without support.i look forward to getting to know you all and chatting with you.



my first day of non smoking is nearly over and i have had a few cravings but have managed to keep them at bay kept myself busy and have been browsing round the internet just so i dont think about the dreaded weed.thanx for all your messages i really appreciate the support:)



Hello, welcome and well done x


Well Done, brave souls reap their rewards in time :)


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