No Smoking Day

Smoking Almost Killed Me When I Was 18

When I was 18 years old I fell critically ill through smoking and it wasn't Cancer. I orginally started telling my story on this post, but had no idea how long or indepth it actually was. I spent over an hour typing and still hadn't past the first few days of what turned out to be a year event. So after speaking to a few others I have decided to write my whole story out in the hope that my experiences and suffering will help others.

I am currently writing it out bit by bit as it is abit emotional and I really have to think hard. I will repost the whole story here shortly.

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:eek: Wow. I will be checking back.



Hi Sothem,

I've read your blog and want to congratulate you in taking the steps to quit smoking. We're running a competition to find a blogger for our new website and would like to invite you to enter the competition. To find out details of the competition, please visit Hunt for a No Smoking Day Blogger competition post :)


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