No Smoking Day

day 2 and feeling down in the dumps

well, here I am, day 2, and I feel as though I have been craving non-stop since yesterday morning, its like a feeling in my chest and throat, and its horrendous.

headaches seem to of arrived as well, which is an added bonus, just keep trying to tell myself why Im doing this, because my purpose keeps getting lost in a haze of cravings.

think Im gonna have a bath and an early night tonight with some headache tablets.

sorry to be a total drag everyone, hopefully Ill of cheered up tomorow, I just feel a bit low today. :(

charlene. xx

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Charlene honey hold on you really can do this just remember this is the most painful pahse of the entire quitting process but it's also a short phase otherwise none of us would stay smoke free, hang in there things will get better in a very short time, an early night is the wise decision :) Have some rest and take care xxxx


thanks guys its good to know Im not alone, Ill see you tomorow, when Ill hopefully be in a better frame of mind


One hour at a time is what has got me through it.


My Day 2 was very similar

Don't worry you're not alone. I felt the exact same way on Day 2. The entire day I couldn't focus on anything by the idea of smoking. Not to mention my chest was all tight feeling along with my throat. Don't worry this will pass soon. I am guessing that after another two days once the nicotine is out of your body you won't feel much physical discomfort. Just hang in there!!


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