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my reasons

i have set my quit date for tomorrow and here are my reasons for quitting:

1.i have three kids aged16 12 8 like to start getting fit and smoking makes it more difficult i have just bought a car and would like to go away this year and smoking is an unneccessary expense a better role model to my kids i dont want them to think its ok to smoke and go through the hassle of trying to quit in years to come

these are the main reasons i want to quit but above all i want to do it for myself as well as the benefit of my family


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well done on deciding to take the first step kjay, im only on day 2 of my quit but im finding this forum a great help.


Good luck!


hello kjay - writing down your reasons for stopping is a great idea. Make sure you come back and read them often. I also found it useful to carry a copy around with me. During the first few weeks if I ever got to the point of going in my purse for money to buy cigs I'd have to get past the list of reasons first.

Congrats on making this decision and good luck!


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