No Smoking Day


Hiya first time on here, well i have finally taken the push to make a doctors appointment for Wednesday as the patches are not helping me so i am after the tablets.

Ive heard different things about these good and bad but i want to pack in so much.

Cost, health, smell everything really.

One thing i am getting fed up with is the '' you don't need help use will power'' comments, if this was the case would of packed in years ago lol.

Anyway, thats my rant over with and i haven't even stopped yet lol

Once i get the tablets i will be back on for help and support both for myself and others. :)

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hello - welcome to the site. Anyone that thinks stopping smoking is easy using whatever method needs a slap with a wet fish in my opinion! Some people use nrt, some cold turkey, some use hypnotherapy, or acupuncture, or clinics - there is no right or wrong way. If it helps you stop (and isn't illegal or dangerous!) then it's the right way to go. Best of luck with the medication (is it champix you'll be taking?) See you back here in a few days.


Hi Mrs Jones, l have found the tablets ( Champix ) to be absolutely wonderful.

I smoked 40+ a day for 47 years, and without them, there is no way could l have quit. I am on day 7 now, and it has been nowhere near as difficult as l anticipated. I took the tablets for 14 days before my quit day. Keep coming on here, it will really help you. :)



Thanks everyone, i am really determined, well done to those who have managed to stay off them for how ever long whether it be long or short.

I am hoping its champix.. nothing else has worked for me long term.:(


Hi again, l also had tried patches and gum several times before, but when using those methods, l never actually went a day without having a few cigs. Provided you are really determined, you WILL quit this time! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday, and hope that he will prescribe Champix for you. :):)



CHANTIX is what they call it here. It was $45 USD with my insurance for a month supply. I took one pill and left them alone afterwards.


I hope they write it up for you!


Hi Mrs J, today's the day and I'm wondering how you got on at the Dr's. I'm hoping they offer you Champix because, like Kapper, it has been the only aid to really help me.

Comments about willpower and anything else which seem to promote one method above another can be taken with a large pinch of salt. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but it comes down to what suits you best. Personally I couldn't do the cold turkey thing, tried and failed in the past but I'm not lacking in will power - there's something else going on. So you go your way and use whatever works for you:)

Best of luck.;)


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