No Smoking Day

feeling good

Hello all

Registered yesterday on this site and packed it in last night; so, I don't know if I should be posting on 'day 1' or 'day 2'. Anyway . . . I feel really good today. Coffee tasted AMAZING, and I had time for brekkie for a change. Previous times quitting the chemical whatnot that is going on in the brain has made me really angry and negative and illogical, but, thankfully, it's gone the opposite way this time and I feel light and happy and like I am able to be LOGICAL about keeping off the fags -- i.e. am able to present reality and not illusion to myself about smoking being some great thing . . .

My brain is a bit muddled in terms of focusing on work, but, oh well -- no serious meetings today so should be OK. :D

How are you all today?

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All the very best of luck and here's to another 24 hours.



So this is where you are - I was looking for you on day 2.

You sound very upbeat - hold those thoughts. Don't let the negative ones take away the taste of the coffee.

Well done, be proud of yourself, because it aint an easy thing to do is it?

Roz x


How are you doing today ??


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