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Couging up stuff!!


Hey all,

Day 4 and building momentum nicely now, trebor extra strong mints are a nice reminder of how fresh your breath can be! Have noticed a few people mentioning the horrible sh*t they are couging up, all I can say to this is, imagine all that stuff just stays there clogged inside you if you continue to smoke, how gross is that!! Just another benefit to add to add to the very long list!


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Gross eh? doesn't bare thinking about, what have we done to our poor fragile lil bodies :(

I had that on a quit about 3 years ago but not my last quit, may be i got rid of most of it back then.

It is dusgusting and a reminder of what we are doing to ourselves.:eek:

I had pneumonia last quit can't even describe what came out :D lol

Quitters valued here


Glad to hear you are making it this far. As I said in another post, this is one of the few places on earth where quitters are the most valued people.

We need new quitters to replace the old quitters who are graduating out of here and into the world as confirmed non-smokers.

These forums are a great help--and not an end unto themselves.

May you soon be posting an hasta la vista in the 6-month room.

Rob W

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