Electronic cigarette V9

Hi all,

Been a smoker for 15 years now.

The best i have ever done was 1 year+ after reading Allen Carr easyway to quit smoking.

Thing is once you quit you get into your mind that wow that was easy so i will have a cigarette with my friends and quit the same as i did before.

Problem is it doesnt work that way and once you smoke that cigarette your doomed agin.

I recently bought myself a electronic cigarette from a guy off ebay.

I did my research before buying as there are many cheap versions out there and didnt want to buy one and find out its useless.

I am absolutley chuffed to bits about it as it really does feel like smoking a really cigarette without all the bad chemicals involved.

You get the smoke feeling and also the nictotine hit and the best bit about it is i can smoke it anywhere.

It is completed legal to smoke anywhere as it doesnt have to be lit and contains no smell or chemicals.

I have tried nictotine patches and they dont really work because being a smoker for so long you get into the habit of holding something between your fingers and puffing it.This is why im so happy with the electronic cigarette as i can puff away and not harm myself or any1 around me.

Ive not touched a real cigarette for 2 months now and im now using low nictotine cartridges and after these finish i will go onto 0 nictotine and then probley just not use it altogether.

Anyone finding it hard to quit i would advice them to give it a go as you have nothing to lose but loads to gain.

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  • Welcome on board x x x x

    I seen that cig it's designed for use in No smoking areas funny things lol

    It is hard quitting and so much easier starting again :rolleyes:

    I hope this will be your final quit x x

    Good luck

    ~Buffy x x

  • Thanks for the welcome Buffy:)

    Yeah i hope this is my final quit also.

    So far so good though:rolleyes:

  • If it works for you then thats great. Everyone is different and use different methods to quit.

    I wish i could go cold turkey but i know i would commit murder.

    I am on the patches and from my other quit experiences I found the habit went pretty quickly. It worries me that if i use a pretend cig then i still have the habit of smoking.

  • Yeah i can see were your coming from but i believe that if somebody deep down inside wants to quit then they can quit.

    I want to quit because of the health issues but i actully enjoy smoking most times.

    Thats why the electronic cig is perfect for me because when i do fancy a cig then a few puffs on the e-cig and im done and no harmful chemicals have entered my body.

  • Well it seems to be working for you so well done.

  • These things sound interesting. Might have to a scooch on the web, see what the fuss is all about!

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