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New Years Day 5!!

I am feeling as if I have awoken from the dead..really. I thought I would have to go to the emergency room yesterday. Today I still feel shaky and sort of weird as if my head is disconnected from my body but better than yesterday and still no smokes...I cant stand the thought of one actually. Another great thing is that it turned my stomach against drinking my precious red wine, which I have decided to give up at least until I have a month or two of non smoking. I cannot drink without you go. I want this so badly now but realize it is a moment to moment thing sometimes..sometimes minute to I am taking it slow and drinking tons of lemon water. I am coughing like crazy but I know that this is normal when the lungs are repairing - HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY NON-SMOKING COMRADES!!


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Poor you :(

I do hope this illness clears soon.

Your doing great SmokeSignal Ill or not it is a real hurdle and you have struggled before. Seems you've got your good mindset on now! ;)

Happy new year

~Buffy x x


Wow just a couple more days and it'll be one week already :eek::)

Just stay strong and positive and soon you'll see how happier and more relaxed being smoke free means - take care!


oh wow, way to go youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

yep coughing is part of the healing, you will get over it soon and then you will be able to breath so much better :D

yep i have that bad cough as well now. Awsome work keep up the good work;)


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