No Smoking Day

On Day 5

Today is day 5... doing well. I have found the trick was:

Take advantage of going out of town to finally make it past day one (went to see my family for Christmas out of town).

NOT think about not smoking!!! I am trying to keep busy and not think about how much I am missing out.. in fact I had to stay away from posting here even. I wanted to update but I shall return and update more when I get past a week.


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Hey Gridley it's SO good to see you've made it! Congrats girl keep up the good work!

To go away for a little while was definitely the wisest decision you could make to stay quit, I too happened to realize I was ready right after a week spent in a very relaxing, close to the nature environment where smoking was the last thing on my mind, God knows how much that can help! Life is much better without smoke, it is all so worth it I'm really happy you've made it before the end of the year :)


Look forward to your next post Gridley.:)

We are all here for you.

Just keep it up.



Oh wow - you are doing great! :D

Remember you are not missing out on anything good - you are gaining good and missing out on cancer and death ! ;)


Thank you so much!! Your replies make me smile. Still doing well! Yesterday at work was tough.. I wound up playing online sudoku as a smoking replacement lol! I have been known to have a small addiction at times to internet and to games like that.... but ya know... a little suduko never gave anyone lung cancer, so I think it was ok. I spent about 10-15 minutes playing which is certainly about the time I would have spent smoking over the course of the night.

I live in a college town and the students are all out on break, so there were no customers at my shop... which made me easily want to go out and smoke. That should get easier when break is over and we are busy again.

Thanks again for your support! Gettin' close to the end of the week here and soon I want to focus on lending out support to others.. but for now I hope it is ok to be selfish and get past this first 2 weeks and take all your supportive replies. :o


We were all selfish at some point! When you need the help we are here for ya :D


Movin' on to week 2!!! :D


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