50 days today

Precisely 50 days quit :)

1,000 cigarettes not smoked.

£105 saved.

No blips.

A massive thank you to all on this forum for aiding me,good luck to all the quitters old and new with your quit.I shall endevour to aid anyone who needs it.

Never thought i would make it this far at my 1st attempt.

Merry smoke free xmas and New year all.

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  • Congrats Mike! You're doing just fab pal, going to be such an awesome Xmas! img.photobucket.com/albums/...

  • Congratulations matey and a happy smoke free xmas to you!

  • Congrats Michael! 50 is a real milestone.

    Next up, and not too far away the two month mark! :D

  • Nice one Micheal, we are at just about the same stage I quit on the 28th

    Keep up the good work

  • Well done my little monkey hanger, your a superstar Michael. Now dont forget no panama cigars Christmas day mate, He He!

  • brilliant Mike, 50 days is fantastic!


    Dossydo, what's a monkey hanger?:confused: :)

  • We hung a monkey from a ship that sunk in the nepolianic wars. they thought it was a french man because it spoke gibberish. Its only a myith, or is it ? we hang onto it though as part of our culture. HE HE! we [ HANG ON TO IT ] get it lol, oh well never mind. im easly amused i know i know.

  • gotcha.. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monke...

    Not many people know that.. I suspect!:)

  • yea thats it steveh. though the monkey mayor is embarasing. He was voted in by the people of hartlepool as a protest against Peter Mandelson who wanted his candidate for mayor. a highly paid position, HA HA! he got a monkey,who now takes the roll for seriously bahh. You couldnt dream it up could you?

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