No Smoking Day

Introduction of a non-smoker!

Hello Everyone,

I'm John and I am a 37 year old Nicotine Addict. I had my last 2 Cigarettes at 09:30 on the 13th December 2007 and now at the 5 day mark of being smoke free, cold turkey style.

This is possibly the first really serious attempt for me to get completely clear of this destructive addiction/habit.

Lead up to quitting.


I had a spill on my rather large motorbike (ZX12) about a month ago and managed to break a thumb and crack ribs LHS. This made coughing and sneezing incredibly painful. Although much better I still find sneezing pretty uncomfortable. In addition to this when I cough deeply I find something bangs under my rib cage on the lower left side. All this was enough for me to realize just how mortal I am and to make sure I was still around in the next 10 years for my wonderful 4 year old son (who is even more dependant on me since my divorce just a year ago).

I have read Alan Carr's book prior to all this and found his approach to quitting very helpful, because it explains the addiction and how to handle the addiction, from an addicts perspective. I especially liked the concept that a smoker is never gaining anything more than a non-smoker by smoking. Infact the smoker is always deficient without out their hourly fix, which makes them just 'normal' again for a short period of time. The same 'normal' state a non-smoker is all the time.

So the cravings are still there (be it not as bad as day 2/3). I have the concentration span of a gnat and I still find myself heading for the backdoor for a fag only to remind myself I don't have any in the house + you don't smoke anymore dummy!!!. Sleeping is also very restless, but on the plus side I'm not waking up having a coughing fit or finding myself clearing all that horrid mucus out my lungs every morning before getting out of bed. I even had a toilet roll on the bedside table just ready for that morning ritual (how depressing is that?).

I will keep you all posted with my progress and glad to be of moral support to any of you who are trying to free yourself from this truely self mutilating activity. Don't ever think you are weak because you have ended up becoming a smoker. As Alan Carr points out it's normally the stronger individuals who have experimented and forced there bodies to become addicted to cigarettes. You just have to pull on that strong individual in each one of us, that got you into this mess to get you back out of it again.

Keep going we are all in the same boat!

Kind rgds,


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Hi John

Well done:)

I'm on day 7 of no smoking, i am taking Champix but just deal with one day at a time.

Good luck


Welcome John,

Congrats on the quit, your past the worst first few days, so hang in there.

Plenty of chaps and chapettes in the same boat here.

Keep it up.


Hi John, congrats! it sounds to me like you're doing really good :)

Hey I too quit cold turkey, I too read Carr's book and I too began writing here on day 5 :p Not that I didn't need any help before, mind you, on the contrary I think I spent the first 5 days reading each and every thread of the forum :eek: but being a stubborn capricorn I had to work out my frustration and sorrow on my own before being able to share my experience here :rolleyes:

Anyhoo welcome and I'll be looking forward to seeing your posts in the next rooms!


<Drum roll> Day 6

Hello Francesca,

Thank you for your welcomed support :) I guess the main reason for waiting till day 5 for me was making sure I got passed the worst few days bit alone, as I hate being a let down. Feeling strong with this quit have a few social events coming up Christmas which will test me... but I am focused on all the many benefits I will gain by breaking free, being a fairly active person with lots of interests.

Kind rgds,



Hi John, well done for sticking with it.. sorry to hear about your spill - is the bike ok?:D


well done on deciding to quit. i think that is the biggest bit- making the decision and sticking to it.

i am on day 2 and it is tough going. they physical side of quitting doesn't seem too bad (for me anyway, i know from reading posts that it can be difficult) but i find the psychological stuff is like wading through syrup.

reading other peoples experiences is such an inspiration to keep with it!!

being smoke free....what a great christmas present to ourselves!!:D


Hi Steveh,

Yep bike back to mint condition again, although it made a bit of a mess of the left side fairing + alternator cover and spilt all it's fluids down the road. All fixed up with crash mushrooms now fitted but not planning on repeat slide down the road :)

Fortunately all my biking buddies are non-smokers so no fear of relapsing when it comes to touring Europe next year.


good man.. Europe 08, where you planning on going? I see you're in Bucks.. 1,000.000 miles from aylesbury?:)


Aylesbury is very close :D ... the 08 (all lads) trip may sounds a little odd as we may well be off to visit the death camps in Germany. Not a morbid fascination with death, but more of a sense of perspective about what is important in life


I've pm'd you..:)


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