No Smoking Day

6 Months this week!

6 months and ive got the Itch.

I hope itll go away soon because its really really difficult right now, which i found it wasnt after the initial month. My longest quit to date was 15months so i know you can and do get the itch ever so often, i know the trap doors i suppose and i hope ill be able to dismiss what my inner devil tells me, because i can not party smoke!!!

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I remember posting in the day 1 section like it was yesterday, and you are right.

I need to revisit some of the past to gain perspective and refresh on all the reasons i stand here 6 months quit!

Thank you so much for your reply.



wow Psilome it's true, you are such an inspiration for us! We really need people like you to come back here every now and then and tell us how things are going.

An itch is just an itch, luckily, and it'll go away soon I'm sure. Also, here's the thing, I think it's rather useful for us to be aware that an itch might occur even long after quitting, yours is an honest statement and it actually helps us all remember that we never really "chose" to smoke, in fact we HAD to, no matter what lie we liked to tell ourselves, because the addiction is just that strong. Therefore to keep our guard up for a looooooong time is definitely the wisest and safest thing we all can do. Knowing danger in advance allows us all to be ready when it shows up! :D

So thanks, and congrats :)


Big well done on almost 6 months Psilome

Scratch that itch and move on :)

Here's to a smoke free xmas


Congrats on 6 months dude.

That itch will go away in time. These things crop up from time to time, its just finding your own way to move past them.


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