No Smoking Day

Month 3!!!! Wooooooooooo!!!!!

I Have Started Month 3 Today, Didnt Think I Would Get To Day 3 Let Alone Month 3!!!!!!! Hurrrrrraaahh!!!!!!!

My Kids Are So Pleased With Me So That Makes This More Than Worth While. Feel Happier, Healthier And I Wish I Could Say I Had More Money But I Dont :d .

So Pleased I Did It And So Pleased I Found This Forum Too. You Dont Have To Post Here To Get The Support You Need, All You Have To Do Is Read, ;)

Well Done To All Of us Whichever Milestone We have Reached!

Pattie X X X

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Congratulations Pattie!

You've done a great job! Well done and keep it going! :):)


Well done to you Pattie:):)

You are on the home straight now.:D:D


GO PATTIE!! Well done. Proud of ya sweetie!


Great going Pattie, 3 months is a real milestone.

Keep it up!


Congrats Pattie you're doing just great!!!!!

Aw your kids must be so happy to have a smoke-free mommy. I'm finding life being easier without smoke, less stressful, more interesting, kind of more real if you know what I mean :)


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