No Smoking Day

New Member @ day 39 and going strong

Just wanted to say Hi,

Just joined this morning and thought I'd add a quick post.

Been quit for 39 days now by just deciding I will not allow nicotine into my system ever again. The first 3 days were hard but once that physical addication had past all I had to get over was the mental habit (Which has been the hardest part).

I miss it but not in a way that I would ever allow it control my life again.

Big up to everyone that has taken the decision to quit, we all deserve a pat on the back.

Happy Xmas

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im on middle dose patches scond week, and definately winning. we are all different love, Welcome aboard anyway, you will soon see they are a great bunch and will support you through anything whatever method you choose you incuded. xxx


sorry if i offended anyone, its just my chosen method and hopefully it will work as well as NRT has for some of you guys and gals


LOL thank got for that.


Just walked to ASDA in the rain and wind, ouside of the office where I work were around 10 people braving the weather to smoke cigarettes.

Made me chuckle as they will repeat the same thing probabl6 or 7 times during the working day!!!


yeah who wants to get wet like that :confused: well not for a cig, or like that

I will shut up now :rolleyes:


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