No Smoking Day
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What am I doing

Day 12 and I'm sat here holding a plastic cigarette.:D:D Drawing on it for all it's worth. It has been hard but this is the first time Ihave had to resort to this.:rolleyes: I'm not going to have a cigarette but my god I really crave one. I am so determined to see this through, I never want to go through this again.

Bit of background info, been smoking for around 33 years. Usually smoked 20 a day. Using the patches to quit. I really admire those who have cold turkeyed, I'm not so

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KEEP on going smoke free... Sleep early today... Stand up in a room alone and jump up and down until you get tired... HAVE a glass of water straight... HAVE a glass of water straight... HAVE a glass of water straight... Nothing beats a little exercise since when you go smoke free your mind works harder than your body. If you can start exercising 2 to 5 minutes of stationnary bike or something to increase your heart rate 2 to 3 time a day will do you a wealth of good.



Hi there - don't cave in now you've come too far. I'm walking into week 3 tomorrow (well not so much walking as toddling very wobbly) (day 15) for me. I did the plastic inhalor thingy with nothing in it for a couple of days, but now I've lost it and now not missing it. The first week of not smoking was a total blur and hopefully the experience won't ever be as bad as that so if I can get through week 1 then I can carry on. Deep breath, drink water, eat what you want - just don't go back.:)


Wendy - You are doing brilliantly!!! Well Done... Im also on day 12 today...ive had such a hectic day, ive hardly thought of cigs today...Tommorow will be my challenge day...Weekend, hubby home and smoking in my view - but my guard is up in full force, starting from now!!!


Thanks everyone.

I'm still smoke free. I ended up at doctors yesterday and have antibiotics. I could finally tell the doctor I had stopped smoking.:)

Relatives arrived yesterday. They both smoke but SIL is poorly so only had 1 cigarette all day. BIL is going outside to smoke. I confess to sniffing the air behind him as he lit up and went outside.:D

I'm eating more, well snacking really but I'm not bothered about the weight issue yet. Shall worry about that in a couple of months time.

My son comes home from Uni today for the weekend. I haven't told him yet, he will be so thrilled. I'm going to give him a big hug as he gets in the door and am hoping he can smell nice smells instead of smoke.:)

Keep strong Ellen. We shall survive.:D


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