Day 7


Days 5, 6, and today is just the type of days I would like to fast-forward and move on. The point I don't, and obviously will not be able to, is that I want to learn from these struggling days.

I just keep on craving for those F@$#@% breaks I was so used to while at work... Yesterday I almost broke but thanks to my loving and beautiful wife I was able to stay on course. Today is just another one of those bad days for me.

I went cold turkey because I know that is the only way I have seen people around me, 10 or more people I know, have completely and successfully quit smoking...


Still @ work and I will get off in 3 hours and head back home. I'll take a nice shower hey :) I am going to focus on that yea? I nice shower.

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  • Hey Yama

    Great to see your sticking with it and that will be you a full week clean from old nic... what an achievement well done!!

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