No Smoking Day

Day 12!!!

Hi Guys--

I cannot believe I am on day 12 already!!! It's funny, I really had NO faith that I could do this. I had tried soooo many times before but honestly NEVEr made it past 2 days. I really feel like I'm somewhat home free, THOUGH i know the challenge is far from over. I find that my old rituals do still get to me a leaving work at the end of the day, I think that I can get in my car and have that cig...but I don't.

Long car rides too and from work have been driving me nuts, but I've managed to deal with all of it. Haven't tried alcohol and no tobacco yet...we'll see how that goes!

Congrats to everyone else who is at day 12!!!

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Well done Heidi, you are doing an excellent job...Im a day behind you and after reading your post im looking forward to tommorow:D and the next day and the next day!!! I too didnt think i would make it this far!!! this is about my 10th attempt this year...


nice one!

Well done!

Re:alcohol...........its a massive trigger for me...this may sound a bit sadistic but last saturday (i was off duty ) was determined to have a normal saturday night in as possible so we had a few beers and some wine watching x-factor, strictly etc...........

IT WAS LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN!, seemed every little niggle i'd had during the week built up into one enormous......................OH MY GOD I HAVE TO SMOKE..........type thing! Luckily for me my partner Ian is quitting to so we both sat there and tried a technique I picked up from work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say to yourself.......right the time is (check time!!!)------o clock if I still feel this crap in 1/2 an hour im going to have a cigarette...............

Half an hour goes by and 9 times out of ten the cravings gone! We both laughed at each other as I had gone from ' fingers gripping the sofa and nearly in tears to quite relaxed!! '

Have fun!



Well done Heidi.:)

I'm on day 12 today and like you have never before got as far as this. It's still hard though isn't it.

I'm struggling big time with cold/flu at the moment.

I have relatives coming tomorrow and staying until Monday. They both smoke.:eek: This will be a really big test for me but I am still determined not to weaken.


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