No Smoking Day
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Damn it I cracked!!!!

Well I was going great guns until about 1 hour ago I had two ciggarettes, and I was devastated that they didn't taste crap and want to put it out straight up... does this mean I take three steps back and go back to day one. I wish there was a fat and smoke farm where you go there for a month where you could not devaite, like any addictions those two are the hardest to beat. Bugger I will have to start again oh and this weekend going away with two friend one is a smoker the other a smoker who quit but smokes on occassion and coz this is a weekend away she bought a pack.. I tried to pursuade them that we should make it a smoke free weekend but that didn't work.:(

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CTA, that's a shame mate.. it's shame because you feel you've failed but we know you haven't! The weekend will be tricky, perhaps you might take the line of least resistance and postpone your re-run until after the trip?

This is difficult stuff but I don't think we should get too hung up on the odd slip, we're in the grip of a major expert on addiction. Nic has years of experience so he's bound to win the odd round now and again. What's important, in my view is that you keep fighting back, keep in mind what it is you really want. Have a great weekend in any case!:)


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