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Laugh, you can say that again!


Hello everybody,

I was looking at some of the posts and seeing some negative ones. Thats ok because thats what this forum is for, to get advice and support etc.

I am sure I will be posting some negative ones myself only being 4 weeks in, but decided I should write about a change I've noticed.

I think I'm generally happier than I've been for sometime. I guess this could be due to alot of things, but recently I've really struggled with catching my breath on a couple of occasions.

It was nothing henious just because I was laughing so hard. I remember laughing like that before I was smoking over 20 years ago! what a great feeling.

Life's great then unfortunatly you get trapped by nicotine, but life's still great. Then you manage to stop and life gets even greater!!

Speak soon.

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Aw fataxe x x x

Lovely post, it is soo true, life is bright without nicotine x x x

Well done

~Buffy x x

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