No Smoking Day

woot 20 days

long time since last post my apologies

i'm now on 20 days without nicotine

the coughing has nearly stopped, any coughing is very productive, and i do feel slightly better for stopping, although still have various ailments that are making life a bit miserable, some cravings here and there, forgetting i've quit then wanting to go and smoke, feeling very up and down :(

still, i haven't smoked nearly 200 fags, i cannot believe that. It's so disgusting the thought of going back, to reaking of smoke, coughing, smelly fingers. yuck.

i have loads of stress on at the moment, with work and uni, not to mention the problems i had with my heart earlier on. the heart scan went ok, they now want to do a 24hr ecg, this will happen in a day or so. i also feel quite faint alot of the time, i'm sure this is because i generally don't eat much during the day, although i will be quizzing the quack soon.

hope everyone elses quit is going well, keep strong folks :)

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i know i think i'll do this from now on, it's not a nice feeling. prob is i don't really feel hungry, it is just heavy eyes and light headedness. i'm sure quack will help me out :p

after dinner tonight i'm going for a ride on me bike just to get the blood moving


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