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Eight or 56

Hi Today is day 56 for me and also the end of week 8. Feels pretty amazing at the moment. I've pretty much got used to not going out into the garden every halfhour for a cig athough I cant say I've realy cut down on the coffee - maybe the caffeine gives me more energy to do the cleaning. Who needs' Mr Muscle 'haha! Also haven't noticed all this extra money either - think I spent it on DECENT xmas presents this year! Anyway ,I feel better in myself and my skin looks healthier(lost that grayish tinge) Downside is that my weight has gone up from 8stone 1lb to 8st 5bs but that can be worked on in the New Year.:)

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Wow Kazza, Im a couple weeks behind you but realy looking forward to christmas feeling like you are now, though i know ive put more weight on than you have im still inspired WOW first Christmas smoke free, who would have thought it eh? CONGRTULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULTIONS and more x


Thanks guys

Dossy - I too am looking forward to my first smoke free xmas in 25 year:eek:: Its great isn't it? A 'Well cool Yule' as my daughter says!

Boudee if I nicked your weight loss then you took some of my age (7 to be picky!):D


well ok then lets swap say about half :D



ok here you go 3 and a half years ;)

And you can have 2lbs sweetie!!:D


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