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Day 5

Day 5 wow!! Today I thought while driving to work it'd be a difficult task but it wasn't even though my car ashtray was full of cigarette buts it really did not affect me. Now at work from 8am to 5pm with a hour lunch. I haven't felt the need to take a break so far... I LOVE BEIIIIIINNNNGGGG FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.... there you go I got that one out of my chest.

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As I continue today on this DAY 5 I fill this every so often my chest feeling like busting so much oxygen I can seem to bring into it. It soft of almost feels uncomfortable although it really feels good I can breath deep breaths.

Can you all share your experience with what'd you feel in your chest?


My chest felt tight, but good at the same time. I felt I could breath easier after the first few days. For the first two days my chest felt tight and kinda hurt, but now it feels wonderful, clean and its soooo easy to breath. Especially in the morning! Uhhhh I love it :D


Man I feel like breaking everything around me LOL :D

I feel good still DAY 5.... Doing whateva but under no circumstance smoke another cig.

The sad part of this whole thing is that it'd take just a few puffs to get you right back to square 1 if not not even more ferociously smoking this time around. I remember the last time I quit, about 7 or 8 years ago, I got back to smoking after a week or so of quiting, not much hey... I had then decided I WANT a few puffs only... I went to the store and bought a pack of my then favourite brand. I opened the pack took a single cigarette out and began smoking it... It tasted like cow dumping if my memories are correct, but that's what is so shocking. I did not give a cow ass if it tasting like cow dump or cow pee I wanted to smoke another one....

I went on probably if I remember making excuses to myself.... Oh well maybe another time. It takes more WILL... It this and it that excuses until today 8 bloody years later... I am on DAY 5 at work and smoke free...

I just finished lunch 15 minutes ago and I think I am okay... I guess sharing my thought in this forum helps me cope with quitting this bad habit of mine.

Well let's see how things go in another few hours... Got another 4.5 hours to go before going back home... It is monday and there are going to be several nice shows on TV tonight out here in San Diego, Ca.


You can do it! Keep busy and when you get home from work, pop on the television and watch all your fav shows!!! Once the shows are complete off to bed early and before you know it you will be into day 6!!! You can do it :D

Talk to people at work to keep busy at break time or come and talk to us here! Hang in there ~ We are all rooting for you.


So what is it like after 3 months of staying smoke free?

I have added multi-vitamines to my diet which I supplement myself every morning now and I have also changed my diet to suppress oily food as they really turn on my feeling to have a cig... Also I am completely eliminating alcohol for obvious reasons.

I read that cigs actually do turn on some receptors in our brain to boost dopamine and some other agents which explains the feel good factor after having a smoke... I was wondering how to replace this? So I figured I might start experimenting with doing 15 minutes stationnary bike a day to begin with to end with about 25 mins 4 times a week of cardio after a month.

I remember reading in another article once that cardio does provide us with other good feel factor.

I concluded why not do a switch. Anyone else with this idea?


After 3 months I feel good for the most part, but I do still have low days where I think I would love to have a ciggie. If you read some of my posts you will see the rollercoaster ride I am on and just now the ride is getting smoother.

Your idea to replace feel good smoking factor with exercise is brilliant. You will not only be a non-smoker but you will also be in great shape so that makes you extra healthy! :D

Can never go wrong with exercise ~ Good Luck :)

I too take a multi-vitamin as well as a B12 vitamin. I find the B12 gives me a bit more energy through out the day and the other vitamin must be keeping me from getting sick because I normally get a cold around now and I am feeling great - knock wood!

Keep going you are doing super! ;)



DAY 5 after getting back home was remarkably hard after just about everything I was putting into my mouth. I felt like smoking and I truly mean literally smoking... Thanks to my wife I was able to keep on expressing my emotions and feeling to her the feeling was dissipating. I guess best now is just to sleep it off. I hope DAY 6 will be less cruel to me.

I work seated by a computer all day and the people I work with are non-smokers which makes it rather simple to not think about it. I also gave news to everyone I quit smoking and I may periodically have some moody behavior. Everyone had a good laugh and gave me their support.

Well with that type of a support I better not fail :-)

I started taking a multi-vitamin from GNC approximately 20 days before I quit. I also began working out and subscribed to 24 hours fitness which I began going every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sundays. My plan was to quit after New Year's since I may endup drinking a few and more than likely feel like smoking... But it just happened on its own and Thanksgiving the turkey said to me go COLD TURKEY dude!! And so I DID!

My goal IS clear: BECOME A NON-SMOKER for the rest of my life. I wonder why I got hooked on this madness?! I mean it is horrible how this poison grabs you by the chest and don't let go of you without a fight! Amazing!

Well now it is a step a day and I haven't even gotten rid of the feeling for smoking yet so I still got to fight the feeling and I am just going to keep on going and going and ....


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