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New to the site..Reasons and ?

My reasons for becoming a non smoker....Pregnant. Not a first time mom. I do have an 8 year old and although I smoked while pregnant with him I don't believe I could be that lucky twice and not have complications. Another reason..My son..Little guy deserves to be smoke free and deserves to have his mom around. I am a newlywed and my new hubby desreves a smoke free wife. I have been smoke free now for 4 days. Cold Turkey is my method because of the pregnancy. I do have a question...When does it get easier? I am struggling right now. Eating everything in sight,:confused::confused: chewing gum like a crazy woman..CRANKY I keep reading in the forums that you continue to get these cravings even years after quitting UGH...Does anyone have a reasonable time frame when I will not be so irritable? I really can not stand myself at this point..

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Remember the film, "Cool Hand Luke" well you've gotta get your mind right :o

4 days into your quit you should now be pretty much nicotine free but remember the monster doesn't want you to succeed.

Your body can happily sleep through the night without a smoke because your brain's asleep. There is no pain in Nicotine withdrawl and what little discomfort it could have caused should have pretty much receded by now.

Your body doesn't need its fix anymore, you're free.

Now you need to get your brain thinking the same thing.

You will always get a mental crave, maybe years after you've given up, if you feel that indeed you have "given something up."

It might sound like tough advice especially from someone who's only a further 6 days up the road but the craves will stop when you stop them.

You've got to stick with it because you've done the hardest bit.

You CAN be crave free by bedtime. :)

DON'T look for reasons, excuses, or someone to blame if you take a puff.

A little short-term comfort food will pale into insignificance if you can understand the nicotine trap.

Dig deep & stay smoke free


hi Jlewis

It does get easier as time goes on. You will find that the cravings occur less frequently with each passing day.

You just have to get over the first few weeks. They are the hardest times for most people. After this it is then just sheer determination that you want to stay quit. You really have to want to quit.

Took me 29 years to finally want to quit.

I never believed that I could do it, I would smoke everywhere and anywhere (even in the bath:o)

I wish you all the luck in your quit.

Keep it up. It is worth it.:D



Thank You

I really appreciate everyones support. I feel like a big ol Grinch right now but they also may have to do with hormones :D I Love reading all the post and I know it is all for the right reasons...I do think I go without cheating because the thought of starting the first four days over again..Yikes.


forum baby

WELCOME to the team - we're all the same here, we all fight our own smoking monster and i'm a mum like you and poor 4 year old daughter was surrounded by smoke until i've stopped and without her i might still have continued - you now have at least 2 reasons, and you "forum baby" to come can be proud of his/her mum to be because you're fighting and the first days are the hardest - talk about it, just get glued onto this website and you'll get the high's and support to get through it - without the forum i would not have pulled thorugh at the beginning of my new smoke free life

Thinking of you! :D:D:D



Pregnant, newlywed and a non-smoker to boot! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! You have made the perfect decision so be very proud of yourself and keep busy. Things get a bit easier after day 9 or 10 like Auntie Bou said :D Not to say you won't have rough days, but it is easier than what you are going through right now. Hang tight cause you and your new family deserve that!

Take Care and stay smoke freeeeeeee ~ keep us posted about you and our forum baby and how you guys are doing :)


Hi Jlewis, I've nothing intelligent to add, it's all been said above but I just wanted to wish you well.

Good luck and keep strong

Can I be an Aunty too?:) I can knit.:o


I may be missing something but that doesn't seem an entirely fair distribution of labour...

I do the work, they do the drinking

let me think about this one;

I'm knitting while they're boozing

it isn't immediately clear but I do sense an imbalance...

but aunty boudee and aunty ns4m wouldn't try to pull the wool over my eyes would they?


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