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Day 6 and body is in abit of a mess :-(


Hi Everyone,

Well im afraid things havent impoved since my last post on day 4 when i was suffering from a sore throat...although my sore throat is now a thing of the past, im now really suffering from mouth ulcers :( got onto Dr. Google who has confirmed that this a common side affect after quitting smoking - see below...

The recommendation was made by UK researchers, who provided for the first time clear evidence of a significant increase in cold symptoms and mouth ulcers following smoking cessation (Tobacco Control 2003; 12: 86-88).

So as you all can imagine i havent been a happy camper of late...but on the plus side im not tempted to smoke at all... Cravings are becoming shorter and less often...Im reading the Allen Carr Easyway of quitting and so far Im finding it pretty good...Im hoping my hubby decides to give it a read but not putting any pressure of him - he will quit when he is ready...

Anyway im starting to ramble :o

Have a lovely smoke-free weekend everyone...

Cheers for now

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Ah you poor thing! I hope your ulcers heal soon!

Your right, your hubby will decide when is right for him, and as we all know you cant do it unless YOU want to do it!

Keep up the good work, your doing great xxxx

Hope the ulcers dont last long, they can be a nightmare cant they!

Good luck with the Allen Carr book, I think a similar kind of book to the one I read. Really open yourself to the information it gives you!

Fingers crossed!

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