No Smoking Day

is this or smoke!

I am posting this because if I dont then I am gonna go and get some ciggies!

Nothing bad has happened, I just really want a ciggy, NOW! I even just counted out enough money for a pack of 10 and was gonna go off. WHY?:confused:

I have done so well, but just so tired of these up and down feelings!

I can not believe the grasp old Nic has on me?! :mad:

But I am pleased now that I came on here and not out in the cold and wet instead!

Sorry to have a moan, but my 3 and 2 year old dont seem to understand what I am going through, LOL.

Take care xxxx

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Oh Trying {{{{big hugs}}}}... You are doing a brilliant job so dont stop now!!! there are going to be many a day when the Nic Demon is going to try and pull us back in, but we need to stand firm and tell the bugger to take a hike!!!

Hang in there...


I feel like that so often! The only way I know to counter it is to think what's the point of spending £5 on a pack.....why not give the shop £50.....or £500......or even £5000......cos that's the amount you'll spend on old nic in the end!

Think of yourself loaded with money bags, staggering to the shop..................then tell me it's worth it!

Well done for getting over your crave - must be even more difficult with little ones to cope with, but even more worth it in the end!


Aw, I just read this and I'm so sorry you're been having such a hard time hun :( How're you doing now? Please let us know.


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