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Day 12


Hi all, just thought I would post nearly at the end of day 12.

Feeling ok, my daughter & her husband have just returned home after a couple of nights away in Edinburgh, there is a shoping section in the old part that have shops that are a bit witchery, not sure on the spelling no pun intented. Anyway she as brought me back a white sage wand that is intended to ward off negative vibes. Well I am going to give it a go, what the hell nothing ventured nothing gained.

I will let you all know if it works allthough this glass of blossom hill seems to be hiting the mark. Love to you all Joan XXX

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Hi Joan - good on you! 12 days is a huge accomplishment! Hang in here and don't give up. Wand away - nothing to lose! :D Have a great night.

Hey Joan, your doing sooo well. You should be very proud of yourself!

Wine is always a winner!!!!

Keep up the good work xxxx

Well done, keep up the good work. ha! THAT SOUNDS SO CORNY. but realy well meant. stay srong. x

Hi Joanlaw and everyone

Still hanging in there. My son is still here with me, so no time to post. Good to have better weather - been out for a walk over the fields. Perhaps I should take some photos to show everyone.

please do. the weather here is awful, would be nice to see it isnt evrywhere.x

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